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Robert Binkele

There are a lot of promising options when it comes to deferring tax, but with all the technicalities and complexities involved, one misstep could spell disaster. The CEO of Estate Planning Team, Robert Binkele, uses his experience as a former NFL player and years of being in the Financial Advising industry to educate you about different tax deferral strategies. He talks about his company’s services and explains how they can help you not only defer tax but also expand your knowledge as they work together with you. He states the reasons why utilizing the DST can be beneficial for you when investing in real estate. Learn and understand why it’s important to lead in your industry while also knowing when the right time to make an exit is.

The Proven Legal Path of Deferring Tax with Robert Binkele


Hear Brett Swarts and Robert Binkele discuss the IRS & DST