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Exiting Capital Gains Tax Deferred 

Get expert guidance you can use to exit your asset, defer capital gains tax and grow your wealth

How and where are the funds invested?

Your assigned Financial Advisor will send you a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

The Trustee(Brett Swarts)and the Financial Advisor will use this document as a guide to draft the Deferred Sales Trust™ target investment asset allocation, the proposed Deferred Sales Trust™ note interest rate, and the timing of payback to you on the Deferred Sales Trust™ note. With this signed document, the Trustee and the Financial Advisor will be taking into account your investment goals, tolerance for risk as well as your net worth and income. This questionnaire is one of the tools that will help Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and Financial Advisor determine the most suitable investments to provide adequate collateral for the Deferred Sales Trust™ note.

After we receive the fully executed Risk Tolerance Questionnaire we will send you the draft allocation for your approval and signature.

Once approved, and once your transaction has closed, the Financial Advisor will open a TD Ameritrade account for your Trust and we will provide you a form to sign so you can also monitor and view your account. 

*Please note… no investments are made without your approval. Investments can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, real estate, & business ventures.


Your assigned transaction coordinator will send you this risk tolerance questionnaire via DocuSign (we use DocuSign for digital signatures) for your convenience.

In case you prefer to have a document downloaded and wet signed, you may download the document by clicking the button below.

Please print, wet sign, scan and send it via email to