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Deferred Sales Trust™ Fees: What’s My Investment?


How much is capital gains tax costing you if you don’t use the Deferred Sales Trust™?

How many potential investments won’t be made if you don’t defer your tax?

How many hours will be lost spending focused on toilets, trash, tenants and termites?

How many properties will you overpay for if you use a 1031 exchange instead of a Deferred Sales Trust™?

How many deals are going to pass you by because you did not have liquidity on the sidelines to jump on the opportunity since you settled for the 1031 exchange?

How much stress and increased risk will be caused by having too much debt and not enough diversification?

How much more tax will you pay on cash-flow with an old depreciation schedule because you did not use a Deferred Sales Trust™ which gives you a new depreciation schedule?

How much more income tax will you be paying per year not using a Deferred Sales Trust™? How much estate tax could be saved using a Deferred Sales Trust™?

Not using the Deferred Sales Trust™ earlier may already be costing you a great deal.


What Comes with this?

  • Full Deferred Sales Trust™ Tax and Legal Structure. This legal fee is tax-deductible at the trust level. 
  • The legal team will work with your CPA to properly report your personal tax return.
  • CPA/Tax Attorney Access -(Bring your trusted CPA) (Education and Blessing)
  • Lifetime IRS DST Audit Defense with #1 Installment Sale Law firm in the U.S. with 100% successful track record.
  • Transparent 24/7 access to view investment at TD Ameritrade/Charles Schwab accounts with real-time online updates.
  • Transaction Coordination with your broker or attorney who is selling your asset.
  • Professional Banker Direct Access Customer Support.
  • Professionally Prepared Tax Return Service for the Deferred Sales Trust™.
  • Mark to market report professionally prepared each year to give you clarity on the performance of the Deferred Sales Trust™.

BONUS: Access to a professional network of attorneys who can provide Living Trust and Estate Planning Services.

BONUS: Access to Professional Managed Value Add Commercial Real Estate Syndications with Sponsors with proven track records.


100% no cost unless you choose to use the DST and your deal actually closes. We only get paid when your tax is deferred.



Your assigned transaction coordinator will send you this “Fee Agreement” via DocuSign (we use DocuSign for digital signatures) for your convenience.

In case you prefer to have a document downloaded and wet signed. You can download the document by clicking the button below.

Please print, wet sign, scan and send it via email to