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Choosing a Deferred Sales Trust™ was easy for Peter since he was tired of the 1031 exchange.

Choosing a Deferred Sales Trust™ was easy for Peter. “It turned out to be about the same monthly income minus most of the headaches. The big difference is you don’t have to go out and buy another replacement property. That’s the BIG thing…I’ve been doing it my whole life…I was tired of it.”

Peter N., Marin, CA

Meet Peter

  • ​Long-time Realtor and Multifamily Owner. 
  • ​He wanted to sell his 18 unit apartment complex, pay off $500,000 in debt and have more time on the weekends.
  • Problem? YES. He has $550,000 in capital gains tax he owes if he doesn’t defer his tax and thinks the 1031 exchange is his only option.  
  • + the debt and headaches of owning real estate won’t give him the time on the weekends he is looking for if he 1031 exchanges. “I did not want to trade 18 problems for 36 problems.” 
  • He doesn’t want or need to take on Millions in Debt via a 1031 exchange strict requirement of equal or greater value for the replacement property.
  • Solution? Yes the Deferred Sales Trust™! Peter takes action! 

He meets with Capital Gains Tax Solutions team to dig in to find any holes with the Deferred Sales Trust™. He then USES THE Deferred Sales Trust™ TO FINALLY FIND RELIEF AND RETIREMENT WITHOUT A 1031 EXCHANGE!