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How to get a line of sight of your Trust Bank Account at Sunwest Bank? 

Enrollment for online banking AND Training on the system can be obtained by calling the Sunwest online banking team at 833-873-8498 and email at onlinesupport@sunwestbank.com

When you connect let them know that you would like to obtain access to your Trust and that you may have wire to approve today. 

Please provide them with the following:
•  Name of the trust 
•  Last four of the account number. 

⚠️If you don’t know the account number, please contact Brett Swarts at brett@capitalgainstaxsolutions.com

See below for a review of Sunwest:

Sunwest Bank will be the bank where the funds are sent at closing. This is before they go to TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab or another investment brokerage.