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Exiting Capital Gains Tax Deferred 

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“The Value of the Deferred Sales Trust™ is for times like this…” Hear Dave share his story

How I helped DAVE to finally achieve relief and retirement when he sold his 128 unit multifamily complex and SAVE $1.1M WITHOUT HAVING TO DO 1031 EXCHANGE OR GO INTO MILLIONS IN DEBT!” Hear DAVE share in his own words!

Dave meets with the Capital Gains Tax Solutions team and has CPA review and give him the approval of the Deferred Sales Trust™.  


Dave shares his ideas on owning, “Real Estate the Right Way”:

  1. Start with integrity to get good deals. You make your money on the buy: which is why you want to do a Deferred Sales Trust™ now and wait out this highly priced market
  2. There are always good deals but not good timing: the three rules of Real Estate are TIMING, TIMING, TIMING.
  3. Real Estate has cycles that we are about to do a deep dive into real soon. Do you want to buy at the bottom of the cycle? NO! Do you want to sell at the top of the cycle? NO! You want to buy after the sharks have feed and there is a stable market moving forward. 
  4. What do you want to be remembered for? How much money did you amass or what you did to help others with that money?
  5. Real estate is a vehicle to make money but not to find meaning or purpose unless used specifically for that. So If you make some good money, then take time off to change the world a little bit with your winnings.
    Buckminster Fuller: ” take care of your family and then take care of the world”—“the only failure is not to participate ( in helping)”
  6. I’ve stopped real estate three times to give back, and now is number 4.
  7. I got Overdosed on a doctors handwriting error and I started Iscribe; electronic prescribing ( on a palm pilot back in the day) to eliminate doctors handwriting medication errors- Iscribe spawned the Electronic medical records beginnings
  8. I started Stock our Schools- Adopt a Classroom for realtors to give back to local public school classrooms in Hawaii with tax-deductible donations directly into each classroom- the largest public school fundraiser in the state in it’s day
  9. I started Hotels that Help for Hoteliers to get guest donations for homeless and foodbank solutions- I spent 10 years full time on that until I almost went broke and went back to Real Estate to regain my resources.
  10. Now www.campsatori.com we are building a glamping resort in Montana with the specific intention to offer leadership training to millennial execs so they learn corporate responsibility practices as they move on. The idea is to get them in nature and then have a transformational moment (Satori) and from that perspective, leadership training