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It’s no surprise that with over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day in the United States, many are selling their highly appreciated assets to fund their retirement or start a new chapter in their life. In fact, the United States alone has 77 million baby boomers, many of whom own a highly valued personal residence, business, or investment property. In fact, these three asset classes account for half of America’s net wealth and can consume a significant amount of time and effort. When you are ready to sell, owning buildings, businesses, highly valued cryptocurrency, and stock, regardless of your age, can be stressful, especially if you’re ready for a fresh start, a new property, a new source of cash flow or a new venture.

Life’s too short to feel tied to assets you’re ready to sell. Don’t you think? 

Given the stock, real estate and cryptocurrency market’s all-time highs and highly appreciated valuations, it’s no surprise that many people are selling now and trading their primary residences, investment real estate, coins, toilets, trash, and liabilities in exchange for time, travel, liquidity, diversification, tax deferral and cashflow.

With a Deferred Sales Trust™ customized wealth plan, you’ll get hours back in your day, debt paid off, liquidity in the bank, and a passive or active income stream to retire on. Even better, you get the freedom to sell your asset high and buy back into investment real estate or a new business venture at any time, all tax-deferred, without using a 1031 exchange. This is what we refer to as optimal timing. Alternatively, have the funds invested in the stock market in a passive manner.

Let’s get started on a wealth strategy right now. Please contact me at brett@capitalgainstaxsolutions.com or (916) 886.2986.

Here’s to having more time and energy to enjoy the wealth you’ve accumulated while also creating and preserving more wealth for future generations.

Brett Swarts

P.S. Deferred Sales Trust™ clients have deferred hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in tax and shaved off a priceless amount of energy and stress. Book a call today.