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Exiting Capital Gains Tax Deferred 

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Do you have a mortgage over basis challenge with the sale of your investment property?

1031 Exchange Pre-Qualification

Client Profile and1031 Exchange Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.

Only applies for investment real estate and only if the debt on the property you are selling is higher than the adjusted basis. 

⚠️ Confidential Files Provided by DST Wealth Management Team.

Please follow the instructions below.

It is important to complete these forms in the same title/registration as your relinquished property (example: Individual, Joint, Trust, LLC, etc.)

  • Download the Client Profile and 1031 Exchange Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
  • Answer all the questions
  • Send completed signed form to Brett@capitalgainstaxsolutions.com
  • We will send you the results after the Financial Advisor assesses your answers.