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Growing a Business Should Not Be a Mystery

Without the practical skills, you need to grow a business and advance your career, it’s going to cost you…

  • Your business won’t grow
  • Your team will lose trust in you
  • You’ll wonder if you’re reaching your potential
  • You won’t get that promotion
  • You’ll keep feeling like a “business imposter”
  • You’ll keep guessing at which path leads to business success

You don’t have to fake it till you make it. Join Business Made Simple and get everything you need to become a competent professional who doesn’t just sound like they understand business — you’ll actually know how a business works and how to grow it.

Your Subscription Gives You Everything You Need to Grow a Business. All For Just $275/year.

On-Demand Courses

Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses will take the mystery out of growing your business.

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Once a month, Donald Miller holds a member-only Livestream to coach you on a crucial business skill and answer your questions.

Professional Development Plan

We don’t just give you the content and leave you to it. You’ll get a professional development plan, course workbooks, and assessments to test your knowledge.

Looking for business professionals to list and sell your asset who are experienced and trained in the DST?

Ask Brett for a list of his strategic alliances for Realtors, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Business Brokers & M&A Advisors so you have the best representation and smooth DST closing. 


Brett Swarts

Email: brett@capitalgainstaxsolutions.com


Did you know I’m a licensed California Real Estate Broker who has sold more than $100,000,000 in investment real estate transactions and invested in projects valued at over $100,000,000? Allow me to put my experience to work for you in locating the most qualified business professional to assist you in selling your asset. Call me at 916.886.2986 to talk about it right now. It’s far too significant a deal for you not to have not the best working for you.


How does this work if I own a property or a business?

Step 1) Send your full address of the property or a few key details on the business you are selling to me and let me know you would like me to find 3 candidates.

Step 2) I will reach out to my network of over 60,000 business professionals and interview multiple candidates and narrow it down to the best 3.

Step 3) Jump on a zoom meeting with me and each candidate for 30 mins each.

Step 4) You choose the best fit for you and list and sell your property/business with that business professional.


What if I already have someone or find someone better? No problem. You are welcome to choose whomever you like, however, I recommend you have each compete to win your business. 


For CA Real Estate Transactions: Orange Coast Title Company

Susan Trujillo

Sr. Escrow Officer/Branch Manager 
Branch Manager/ Senior Escrow Officer
Orange Coast Title Company of Northern California

Four Main Street Suite 40, Los Altos, CA 94022

Office Hours – 8:30 am to 5:00 pm – Mon thru Fri
License # 4844-7l


For all Investment Real Estate 1031 Exchange Transactions with Deferred Sales Trust™ Option:

Doua Thompson

Exchange Coordinator
Xchange Solutions, Inc.
3031 Tisch Way, Suite 901 
San Jose, CA 95128 

Toll-Free: 800-410-1031
Office: 408-377-6700
Fax: 408-236-3241

Email: Doua@1031xsi.com