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  • You’ll keep feeling like a “business imposter”
  • You’ll keep guessing at which path leads to business success

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Opening of Accounts

Sunwest Bank is an optional strategic partner to Capital Gains Tax Solutions. They are also a strategic partner to the Estate Planning Team, which is the co-founder of the Deferred Sales Trust™. The Estate Planning Team maintains both a supervisory role of the construct, investments where applicable, as well as a business relationship including deposit accounts with Sunwest Bank.

Sunwest Bank is a DST general bank account provider.

Where are the funds held and are they safe?

Funds are held at Sunwest Bank located in Irvine, CA and where the funds are sent at closing. This is before they go to TD Ameritrade for investing or to a New LLC which you create separately to invest into real estate or a business. All movement of funds needs to have your prior approval. 



Business Banking to us, your business does not fit neatly into a particular box or credit category. To us, your business, and your needs are unique. All of our business deposit products can be customized to meet your needs. Select the best one from a number of options.

Sunwest Bank
2050 Main Street, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92614






Your assigned Capital Gains Tax Solutions transaction coordinator will send you a drafted and pre-populated Sunwest Full Document Set needed to open a Sunwest Bank Account for the trust. Please review your information, wet sign, and send it back to us to process. 


⚠️For your sensitive information like setting up your security answers, please provide this to Sunwest Bank directly.

⚠️Please call 866.479.2265 for Sunwest Bank Special Deposits 

Sunwest Bank only allows wet-signature at this time, please print, wet sign, scan and send back to your assigned Transaction Coordinator to process.