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Adding Value & Finding Solutions For Real Estate Taxes with Brett Swarts

Ashcroft Capital focuses on capital preservation while striving to return strong, risk-adjusted cash on cash to investors. The firm specializes in value-add real estate and has expertise in extracting maximum value from every asset it acquires.


A Fully Integrated Approach to Investments
Our fully integrated approach offers a comprehensive approach to every facet of the investment lifecycle — from funding and construction to an exceptional resident experience. Together, our management companies leverage their expertise and understanding of industry knowledge and best practices to create long-term results for our investors.



Frank Roessler is the founder and CEO of Ashcroft Capital, a real estate investment firm headquartered in New York City. Previous to forming Ashcroft Capital, Frank gained over a decade’s worth of acquisition and asset management experience at M&A Real Estate Partners, another national multifamily investment firm.

As of 2020, Ashcroft Capital has acquired over $1 billion of assets and 10,000 units. The firm focuses on capital preservation while striving to return strong, risk-adjusted cash on cash to investors. The firm is capitalized with high net worth, family office, and institutional capital. Within the real estate industry, Ashcroft specializes in value-add real estate and has expertise in extracting maximum value from every asset it acquires. The firm does not try to play cycle timing and instead strives to acquire excellent apartment communities within well-located submarkets of large and growing U.S. metroplexes.

Frank has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.


Joe Fairless is the Co-founder of Ashcroft Capital which has over $1,000,000,000 of assets under management. In addition to his work with Ashcroft Capital, Joe created the podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, which is the longest-running daily real estate podcast in the world.

Joe is also a proud member of the Texas Tech Alumni Advisor Board for the College of Media and Communication, as well as being recognized as Outstanding Alumni at Texas Tech University, where he is a former Adjunct Professor. Joe is currently a Junior Achievement Board Member and Volunteer for the Cincinnati chapter and has been recognized by the Junior Achievement’s Free Enterprise Society. Joe volunteers at Crossroads Hospice and in 2018 he was recognized as Multifamily Investor of the Year by Think Realty Magazine.

Vista 121 Recap

We’ve had no impactful changes to occupancy (93.0%) and collections (93.4%) as we continue to implement our value-add business plan at Vista 121.


You will receive your first distribution by the end of the month. It will cover the time we owned Vista 121 during October and November. This distribution will also include the 2% APR for those who funded by September 21st. If you invested $100,000 by September 21st, for example, you will receive an additional $166.67 this month.

Starting in January, you will receive your prorated distribution by the end of the month. Class A investors will receive a prorated 10% monthly return and Class B investors will receive a 5.7% prorated return.

Premier Asset in the Ashcroft Value-Add Fund Located in Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Submarket
Conference Call Recording + Investment Summary:
To kick off the new Ashcroft Value-Add Fund, we have entered into an agreement to purchase Retreat at Riverside, a 412-unit apartment community located in Atlanta’s fastest-growing submarket.

CLICK HERE to listen to tonight’s conference call which provides a recap of this new opportunity.

CLICK HERE to download the Retreat at Riverside Investment Summary

Ready to get started? Click below to start your investment in the new Ashcroft Value-Add Fund:
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If you have any questions, please reach out to us by simply replying to this email.

Joe and the Ashcroft Team